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We welcome you as prospective homebuyers in Northern Fairfield County or New Milford. We have produced this website for the purpose of gathering together all the resources you need in order to make an informed decision about your home purchase and to familiarize you with the home closing process once you have decided.

This site points you to relevant local and state websites providing you with information on local government, schools, community resources, area merchants and service providers, and much more. 

First, the Guide To Area Towns covers general homeowner-related links, regional and state resources.  Individual town pages have links specifically related to that town.

Second, the Guide To The Closing Process, written by an experienced local real estate attorney, discusses our local home closing process and customs from first look through the day of closing.

Your real estate agent's email link may appear at the top of this pagePlease send him/her a short email by clicking on their email link in the upper right.  This will let him/her know you have reached this site, and allow him/her to follow up and provide you with any further information you may desire.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and for your interest in our communities. (NOTE:  Linked online websites will often open in a NEW pop-up'll need to close the pop-up window when you're done viewing it to get back to the originating page window underneath.  

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